Sam's Giardino - for the connoisseur: Great variaty of great Cape Wines in bottles, professionally stored and served by the glass. Wine Tasting any day you choose!  
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The bottled treasures to be found in the wine cellar at Sam's Giardino are not only a great delight for the connoisseur but our pride and joy. Some are collector's items only, nice to look at and to be admired, but the majority is available for perfecting your sundowners, meals, and your entire stay with us.
If you love South African wines, don't miss the opportunity to sample some of the best from the Cape Winelands, at our wine tasting or at any other time!

Wine Presentation:
You might wonder how wine can be stored adequately, under African climate conditions and in the absence of European-style cellars?
Well, a custom-built outside storage with special air-conditioning, an air-conditioned walk-in wine cellar, our Grotto, and two large imported wine coolers with glass doors for every-day use make it possible - and, of course, it helps that Swakopmund enjoys moderate temperatures as well as higher humidity than the remainder of Namibia thanks to its sea-side location.

Most South African wines are lighter in alcohol-content and made to be served well-chilled, in order for aroma and taste to unfold fully. We let them breath, after opening a bottle, so that you can experience them at their peak  - cool and refreshing, and served only in the correct crystal glasses.

Apart from the great variety we offer and also providing you with a library of wine guides in English and German to read up on all the wonderful wines you had at our restaurant, bar, and wine tasting, we added one more specialty:
We only serve bottled wines, yet most are available by the glass!  

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Wine Cooler at Sam's Giardino

Did you know ...
Professional wine coolers can even keep wines in peak condition in Namibia's climate?

Try from Sam's Giardino's open bottles before choosing your favourite ones.


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