Swakopmund on the Skeleton Coast of Namibia is wedged between the Namib Desert and the Southern Atlantic Ocean  
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Swakopmund & Surroundings

The town of Swakopmund is Namibia's premiere sea-side holiday destination, for foreign visitors and locals alike, and a major hub on the central Skeleton Coast. Although smaller in permanent resident numbers than neighbouring Walvis Bay, the historic centre and modern suburbs of Swakopmund have a more vibrant and sophisticated atmosphere than most other Namibian towns.

Swakopmund is the ideal place to spend a few days of relaxation and fun-filled activities in the moderate climate of the Namibian coast - a welcome respite from the mostly arid and hot conditions in the country's interior.
For most travellers on roundtrips through Namibia, Swakopmund is the halfway mark of their safaris to major game viewing and sightseeing attractions in the northern and southern regions, and a great reason for taking a break.

Swakopmund also means getting out of the car you've been covering long distances in and exploring many of its highlights on foot. Most of its beaches, museums, art galleries, historic buildings and monuments, restaurants, shops, tourist info centres and cosy side-walk cafés are located within easy walking distance of Sam's Giardino.

There is also an array of excursion and activity options on offer in and around Swakopmund, most of them suitable for the entire family.

Swakopmund, on the beach - sunset over the Southern Atlantic Ocean

Swakopmund - time for sundowners!

Swakopmund - historic Woermann Tower & modern Anker Square Swakopmund - pelicans waiting for fishermen to get their share of the catch Swakopmund - street scene

A few impressions of Swakopmund - left: historic Woermann Tower & modern Anker Square with handicraft shops and cosy cafés; middle: pelicans waiting for fishermen to get their share of the day's catch; right: typical street scene

More photos of the town's attractions as well as of activities and excursions on offer, - next to numerous Sam's Giardino images -, be found in our Photo Gallery.






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