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Gourmet Meals & Wines

Here comes another reason why many Namibia visitors choose to stay with Sam's Giardino - food and wine fit for a gourmet's palate and served in style, yet in a relaxed and cosy atmosphere.

You do not have to dress up, your safari holiday attire will do perfectly, and yet you are surrounded by professional services, enjoying freshly prepared breakfasts and 5-course dinners (or a selection thereof) with your choice of beverages, from appropriate porcellain completed by high-quality cutlery and the befitting polished crystal glasses.

 This is our pride and joy, together with our large selection of bottled choice Cape wines, which is updated a few times per year with labels coming unto the market.
But - let the photos do the talking ...  

Grotto Dining at Sam's Giardino

Grotto dining, in the walk-in wine cellar at Sam's Giardino

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Red wine specialties at Sam's Giardino

Only a tiny selection of special red wines on stock

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Sam's Giardino - kitchen at dinner preparations

We are not afraid of letting anyone see how dinner is prepared in the kitchen. Here, the salad course is ready to be served, with a home-made dressing added only the second before it goes out to guests - crisp and juicy, just as we like it, too! 

In case you feel that these photos did not whet your appetite enough yet, maybe we should publish more pages on food & wine?

Curried Atlantic Prawns in a white wine sauce - Sam's Giardino
Even our Curried Atlantic Prawn starter is prepared with a good bottled white wine.
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Breakfast on a Sunday morning in the Giardino's restaurant
Breakfast scene at the Giardino's restaurant, as seen when entering from the 1st floor guest rooms.
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Swakop River Asperagus in a home-made Sauce Hollandaise - Sam's Giardino, Namibia
Another one of our seasonal dinner entrees and firm favourite amongst guests:
fresh green asperagus from the Swakop River Valley in a home-made Sauce Hollandaise. Yummy!
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Bread selection at breakfast - Sam's Giardino, Swakopmund, Namibia
Who says that going on an Africa safari means missing bread & 'brotchens' from home?
At Sam's Giardino in Swakopmund, you not only enjoy a wide spread of fresh fruit, cereals, cold meats, cheeses, and different kinds of German-style bread but our famous "Birchner Müsli" prepared locally too, in best Swiss tradition!
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Freshly percolated coffee? A given at Sam's Giardino Can tomato soup come any more enticing? Imported Malt Whiskeys & Liqueurs at Sam's Giardino in Swakopmund, Namibia

Left: Freshly percolated coffee served in a perfect cup, anyone? At the Giardino, you experience quality where it matters.
Middle: Tomato soup with a dash of fresh cream and parsley, part of a dinner menu. Can it come any more enticing?
Right: Something special for a night-cap? We stock imported malt whiskeys & liqueurs and books to explain them.  






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