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Sam's Giardino Photo Gallery

Sam's Giardino Photos Taken By Guests!

The potos in the slide show and those below came from Mrs. Wickel, Germany, who stayed with us a few times to escape the winter's cold in Europe and enjoy the Namibian summer instead. She loves all creatures, and in recent years, she concentrated on things of particular interest to her in and around Swakopmund:

Beethoven enjoying himself on a walk in the ephemeral Swakop River - photo by G. Wickel

Beethoven enjoying himself on a walk in the Swakop Rivier

A quiet spot in the Giardion's garden - photo by G. Wickel

Sam's Giardino - one of the favourite spots, next to the pond
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Swakopmund's historic court house - photo by G. Wickel

Swakopmund's historic court house from German-colonial times (Altes Amtsgericht) built in 1906. It's not in use anymore but gets maintained in the style of that era.
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Guinea Fowl at Swakopmund's palm-tree promenade - photo by G. Wickel

A flok of Guinea Fowls raiding Swakopmund's palm tree-shaded promenade near the beaches.
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A foggy day in Swakopmund - photo by G. Wickel

This can occasionally happen in Swakopmund as well - thick fog in the middle of the day. The Namib Desert and all its creatures depend for their survival on the moisture those clouds bring.
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One of the summer flowers in the Sam's Giardino garden - by G. Wickel

Garden enthusiasts will find the most unusal flowers at Sam's Giardino in summer too. Although Namibia has got countless winter-blooming species, summers are just as interesting, and they all do well in the coast's moderate climate.
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Christmas at Sam's Giardino in Swakopmund, Namibia - by G. Wickel
.... and this is just to prove that in spite of the African summer, you'll find a European-style Adventskranz at Sam's Giardino, during Christmas time!


More photos by guests:
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Lutheran Church in Swakopmund under a bright blue sky - photo by G. Wickel Foot prints on the beach of Swakopmund, Namibia - by G. Wickel Swakopmund's shopping mall at Christmas time - by G. Wickel

Left: Historic Lutheran Church in Swakopmund on a bright summer's day
Middle: Foot prints on the beach of Swakopmund, Namibia ... please leave nothing else behind
Right:  Swakopmund's shopping mall offers many little treasures, not only at Christmas time

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