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Our Garden

After we showed you the Exterior and how Sam's Giardino buildings sit in their environment, we would like to highlight a few garden features that are much loved and used by guests:

Strelitzia flower in Sam's Giardino garden


This is a Strelitzia flower, a national icon.
Strelitzias bloom in the Namibian winter, around middle of the year, and do not need much water. Their leaves are fairly short-stemmed and, although unpretentious in comparison, are a decorative feature in any garden. No-one not having seen flower and plant together before, could imagine their flowers to be this unusual, tall, colourful, and long-lasting.
Strelitzia flowers are sold overseas as a striking exotic addition to flower arrangements and make an impact also on their own.
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Sunbeds in the Giardino's garden

Opposite of most of the guest rooms, near the garden gazebo, is a quiet lawn area that is ideal for sun baths. Secluded from the more busy parts of our guesthouse (reception entrance in the background) by the koi pond (middle) and surrounded by generous vegetation, it lends itself for relaxation.
A typical Namibian winter sight are the candle-like orange flowers of aloe plants (foreground), another hardy species found on sturdy stems throughout the country. 
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Below are more photos of garden dwellers at Sam's Giardino:

Masked Weaver Bird at work in the Giardino garden
One of our guests' all-time favourites while relaxing in the garden - observing a Masked Weaver Bird male hard at work building a nest on one of the palm tree branches (please also see Guest Photo contributions)
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Koi Pond in the garden of Sam's Giardino
Some of the koi in our pond ... they have a healthy appetite and are doing very well
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Garden seating & water features of the Sam's Gardino garden

View from guest rooms near the koi pond towards the garden seating and a water feature
situated close to the restaurant.
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Garden flower at Sams Giardino
Another one of the Giardino garden's profuse winter flowers that guests will find when visiting around mid-year.
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Grassy garden plant at Sam's Giardino Sam's Giardino's garden lights Beautiful flowers of a hardy fat plant called Vygie in Namibia

Left: Flower/seed pods of a grassy bush plant common to Namibian gardens.
Middle: Lillies of different colours surrounding garden light globes.
Right: A short hardy fat plant locally called 'vygie' is making carpets of colourful flowers.  






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