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The Exterior of Sam's Giardino

This is our guests' lush green outdoor living room, with numerous amenities to encourage relaxation and a sense of tranquility - a welcome respite from long, hot, dusty hours of travelling around the inland of Namibia and exhilarating activities in and around Swakopmund.  

Here are a few impressions of our garden and its various aspects, starting off with an overview - please bear in mind that we keep improving the garden, that plants grow and need pruning or replacement, and that photos taken in our winter may create a different impression than those in summer:

Sam's Giardino, garden overview, by Volker Bause

Sam's Giardino - garden overview from atop our boundary wall
From left: guest rooms on two levels; double-volume restaurant/bar/upstairs lounge; in the back: main building with upstairs luxury suite enjoying vistas of the Namib dune belt south of Swakopmund; ground floor TV lounge, reception, foyer also accessible from the car park, and kitchen.
In the middle and right: garden path with bridge over koi pond as well as plenty of space for sun loungers, shaded seating for two and more guests, and greenery to create intimate areas.
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 Sam's Giardino, shaded seating near koi pond & restaurant, by Inge Ohm

Sam's Giardino - shaded seating near koi pond & restaurant
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Sam's Giardino, view down the garden path towards entrance

Sam's Giardino - view down the garden path towards street-side entrance
Left: shaded seating near koi pond and restaurant
Centre back: gazebo (white columns behind palm tree)
Right: restaurant (front) & guest rooms (back)
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Sam's Giardino, garden at night

Sam's Giardino - view into restaurant & down the garden path towards street-side entrance, at night
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Sam's Giardino, garden view from gazebo
Sam's Giardino - view from gazebo
(similar to 1st photo left but garden & buildings seen from ground level)
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 Sam's Giardino, garden gazebo Sam's Giardino's PR-Manager-On-4-Paws, Beethoven (July 204) Sam's Giardino, view through greenery from koi pond

Left: Garden gazebo with comfortable loungers & seating
Middle: Beethoven - the Giardino's PR-Manager & Namibia's best known Bernese Mountain Dog
Right: View of guest rooms through greenery around koi pond






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