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Bernese Mountain Dogs & Their Visitors

Sam's Giardino is the home of Bernese Mountain Dogs in Namibia.

This magnificent breed, although originating from the Alpine regions of Switzerland, adapts well to the moderate coastal climate of Namibia. As a herding dog, the Bernese is particularly family-oriented and a faithful, soft-natured companion of humans of all ages. Friendly visitors are quickly adopted into the "family" - making the Bernese an easy-going inhabitant even of a busy hotel environment.
None of those who shared our lives will ever be forgotten...

who was part of the team from the very beginnings of Sam's Giardino. His special personality made an unforgettable contribution to shaping the characteristics and public appearances of our guesthouse and ultimately to the success of both.
When Einstein left for the Rainbow Bridge in 2007, we decided to honour all Bernese Mountain Dogs and the exceptional roles most of them play in the lives of their human companions by incorporating his image into our logo - the one that can be seen in all our printed publications, since 2008.

who joint the Giardino team in 2006 as a boisterous puppy enjoyed one-and-a-half happy years together with her mentor Einstein. Although not as outgoing and keen to pose for the camera as he used to be, we were able to document a few highlights in pictures.
In late 2007, Ornella succeeded Einstein as four-pawed PR Manager and Sam's faithful companion but she never quite got over losing her canine friend. Only two years later, she followed him to the Rainbow Bridge.

In the last quarter of 2009, our Internet connection, telephone and fax lines ran hot with "dog talks" - it proved impossible to find another Bernese puppy in our part of the world! With the kind help of Marion Brown, the breeder of Einstein and Ornella, as well as another Bernese fan in South Africa, we got lucky in Germany. Thanks to the wonderful support of the breeder, the Sandmann Family in Markranstädt near Leipzig, we were able to follow his developments since birth, and to fly him safely to Namibia, at only 10 weeks old.
Since January 2010, we are proud to have "Björn vom Sandmännchenhof" around, who became Beethoven, upon arrival in Swakopmund, and a much loved ambassador for his breed amongst guests.
At 8 years of age (in Oct. 2017), he is still going strong, a big boy even for Bernese standards, and playful as ever. He loves his daily long walks on the beach, across sand dunes, or in the dry Swakop River bed, and being outside in all coastal weather. Apart from enthusiastically digging into his food, it is a special treat for him being allowed to join in a car ride.
Beethoven is friendly also towards other dogs of all sizes,  which enables us to welcome the occasional canine visitor too.

Einstein as puppy
Beethoven as puppy

Einstein Sam's Giardino, Einstein & Ornella Beethoven

Left: Einstein - a born charmer and always flirting with guests, our ideal PR-Manager-on-4-paws
Middle: Einstein at Ornella's arrival - it didn't take him long to make the puppy feel welcome
Right: Beethoven in June 2014 - on his favourite observation spot in the Giardino garden   

More images from around Sam's Giardino can be found in our Photo Gallery.






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