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Sam's Giardino at sunset, Jul 2014

Sam's Giardino exterior at sunset - July 2014

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We love this photo for it's warm colours, the reflection of the palm trees in the restaurant window, and the balmy Swakopmund weather conditions, which are unusual in July.  

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Sam's Giardino, garden, July 2014

 Sam's Giardino garden in the
 afternoon sun of a winter's day
 - July 2014
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Sam's Giardino, koi pond, July 2014





 Ripples & Reflections in the Koi
 Pond at Sam's Giardino - July 2014
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Sam's Giardino, Beethoven, July 2014










 Beethoven posing for a photo shoot
 - July 2014
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Sam's Giardino, olive trees, July 2014











 Only in Swakopmund, at
 Sam's Giardino ... we planted
 olive trees in between guest rooms
 for improved privacy, as guests love to
 lounge outside their bedrooms.
 The trees grow beautifully! - July 2014

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